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Most people have eaten honey, and several of us complement our diet regime by consuming healthy bee by-products which includes bee pollen. However, there are numerous assorted types of bees, not to mention many other stinging insects that are common ‘pests’ around Culver City.

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Bees, wasps, yellow jackets; whatever stinging insect is annoying you, we can handle it; call today!

There are just about 25,000 known types of bees around the world, around 4,000 in the United States, and all of these are actually categorized in the Apoidea family. These are split into 9 groups, four that are quite modest when it comes to the numbers of kinds.

People are most acquainted with a particular family of bee, Apidae, this includes honey bees and bumblebees. Honey bees, obviously, yield honey; they are social bees that dwell in colonies of up to 60,000 workers, 300 drones, and in most cases a solo queen. Honey hives are very complicated in terms of habits and all round functionality; these particular bees carry on for the survival of their nest, instead of for individual survival.

If you need some relief from the bees, wasps, or other stinging insects humming around your house you must consider giving our bee control Culver City pros a call. We’d be very glad to respond to questions you may have and book an appointment to get rid of the stinging insects on your property. Our company offers a range of treatment packages to accommodate our clients. You should not be reluctant to ask about them when you call 424-326-0838 to learn more regarding our bee control.

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